At Clothing Animals Wear we strive to work with our customers and our peers. The first non-clothing piece came with MoCara, a local punk-rock band. We went to film a gig of theirs and sell some tees. This is the end result:

Clothing Animals Wear & MoCara

We're orking again with MoCara to make a nice new live video from a handful of gigs for the release of their new album.

Don't forget to look up the guys themselves from MoCara, you can download their single for free and get updates on new band releases coming soon. Expect a lot more work with them!


We've also worked with another clothing line 'Psycho Clothing' on a dark illustration and text based crossover tee that's blowing peoples minds. Psycho - Clothing Animals Wear. Lots of death. Check out what Robbs up to here:

Psycho Clothing Store

Robbs Daily Draws

Over the next couple of months it's going to be busy at Clothing Animals Wear, new tees, new collaborations, videos with free-runners and kite-surfers also coming up in the near(ish) future. So keep up to date with what's happening here by hitting us up on that social media thing. That's where you'll be able to find all the crazy and stupid stuff we get up to, like the photo below, it's a still from our spring collection video shoot. Seriously, check it out.

Watch the video here:

Spring Promo Video

There's loads more content on our facebook page so click the link to see it!

Clothing Animals Wear